Osprey on the River Tavy

I read reports of an Osprey sighted on the River Tavy flying from Warleigh Point upstream to Lopwell Dam recently so decided to go in search of it in the hope of catching some shots of it fishing. From Lopwell I walked downstream along the river towards Maristow Boat House keeping my eyes peeled for any signs of the distinctive shape of the bird in the sky. Whilst waiting,  I spotted a bird in the river and realised it was a Red-legged Partridge!  At first I thought it was in distress but later when I checked it turns out they are able to swim so would’ve made it to shore eventually.

Red-legged Partridge

I sat for 15 minutes or so and then spotted the Osprey flying up river at speed, too high to get a shot. I jumped up and followed it but it was too fast for me and it flew out of sight. Back at Lopwell Dam, where the tidal part of the Tavy meets the non tidal fresh water side of the river, I decided to sit and wait in hope of another sighting and possibly a close encounter if it decided to dive down to the water fishing.

Other birds of interest on the river were a Little Egret and a Cormorant flying past at low level.

Little Egret


Also on the River were two Little Grebes, a Common Sandpiper and a Kingfisher,  all too far for decent shots.

Eventually the Osprey appeared above the trees along with several Buzzards, two of which were having a dog fight.

Buzzard dog fight

I managed to fire off a few shots as it circled but then it flew back down river again out of sight and that was the last I saw of it for the day. There have been more recent sightings so I hope to see it again next visit and get a closer view of it. I’m also planning to find a place to get close to the Kingfishers which are also seen regularly at this great little reserve owned by South West Lakes Trust.


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