Lackford Lakes

My first visit to Lackford Lakes

Lackford Lakes is a wildlife reserve which is part of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and is located on the River Lark , constructed from former gravel pits. The reserve provides a wonderfully diverse habitat with meadows, woodland, reed beds and streams.

I had my first visit here in January 2013, hoping to get some shots of Kingfishers with my newly acquired Pentax DA*300mm f4 lens. I wasn’t in luck on this particular day but did manage to get a few decent shots on the Slough from Bills hide.

There was a wide variety if wetland birds including Canada Geese, Cormorants, Coots and Gulls as well as a large flock of Lapwings. The hide provided ideal shooting conditions although the reach of my 300mm lens, even with a 1.5x teleconverter wasn’t really sufficient to get close enough. I managed a few shots of the Canada Geese and a pair of Mallards

The Coots were reasonably close and provided the best subjects whilst they dived for food. I spent some time watching them and hoping to get one as he dived under. My timing wasn’t great but this shot was the best of the bunch.

Looking further out into the lake Cormorants were sunning themselves amongst Gulls, Lapwings and Coots. I was hoping one would take flight but they were happy just sitting on the platform in the sun.

Walking on from the Slough in search of Kingfishers the Lapwing took flight. I also spotted a Buzzard circling high above but too far to get a really detailed shot. The Kingfishers were not showing themselves today but I did spot a pair of Goldcrests flitting around across the path right in front of me. I wasn’t quick enough to catch a single shot of them, just too fast.

Walking around the lakes this Robin perched on a tree nearby in good light and gave me a good show.

I was impressed with the reserve and would highly recommend a visit. I shall definitely be going back armed with my monopod and spend some more time looking for the Kingfishers. The reserve is very well run and has a nice little visitors centre with basic refreshments and a viewing point over the marshes.


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